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Welcome to the Tilt Bar, our advanced filter and search system

Our system allows you to dive in and construct your own special query in the search bar using filters. We use these filters most frequently:

  • company: Listed and unlisted firms
  • person: Named individuals
  • location: Geographic locations and regions
  • type: Asset classes; equities, commodities and so on
  • sector: Industry classification
  • index: EGX 30, WIG 20 etc

You can use these filters to create quite specific search queries. For example, typing (location:Brazil AND company:Petrobas) into your Tilt Bar will deliver all the stories we've written about Petrobras and Brazil. You could then save this filter by clicking the little arrow next to the "UNSAVED SEARCH" tab that appears, and choosing the "Save current search here" option. Presto, nifty shortcut.

Here are some other search techniques:

  • Group together two or more terms with brackets to build up a complex query.
  • Place multi-word terms in quotes, eg person:"Mukesh Ambani"
  • Use AND and OR to combine search terms, and NOT to exclude them. For example, location:Egypt AND (person:"Naguib Sawiris" OR company:"Orascom Telecom")

You can also specify a timeframe using from: and to: followed by a publication date (in any format), like from:01/10/2010 to:Yesterday

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