Productivity in Brazil is grinding to a halt this week.

Mind you, not by the sell-off in the real or by fears of a hard-landing in China, or the prospect of #occupyWallStreet hitting Latin America. No indeed: Justin Bieber has landed in the country for a series of five concerts in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

The mega-star's first visit to the country -- hand in hand with his girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez -- has already caused more commotion (and disruption) in the three cities than the European debt crisis.

Hundreds of fans stormed Rio's Tom Jobim international airport on Tuesday to wait for his arrival. An even bigger number camped outside the legendary Copacabana Palace Hotel in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Canadian teen singer. And lines started to form on Sunday outside the Engenhão stadium with fans trying to secure a prime spot for his opening performance later on Wednesday.

(Click on image for a full Biebermania in Brazil slide show)

Welcome to Brazil Justin Bieber - O Estado de S. Paulo

Mr Bieber's welcome party. Source: O Estado de S. Paulo

Tickets for all five concerts have sold out and prices ranged between R$130 ($70.3) and R$400 ($216), with an estimated total public attendance of about 250,000 (given the stadiums' capacity).

For the sake of perspective: during his first trip to Brazil in March, US President Barack Obama had to cancel plans to speak to a "crowd" of 2,300 people in downtown Rio de Janeiro for lack of appropriate security apparatus.

Mr. Bieber seems less daunted.

Together with Ms Gomez, he toured the city on helicopter and had lunch at all-you-can-eat Porcão stakehouse, or churrascaria in Portuguese, for R$52 each.

But if you need a "financial" angle to justify reading this story, we propose this: as FT Tilt reported in April, consumer and entertainment companies such as Time for Fun (T4F), which organize live events such as Mr. Bieber's concerts, are expected to lead the next wave of IPOs in the country.

But that of course, once European debt woes pass and the real rebounds.

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